Google Streamlines Adding Loyalty Cards, Tickets, and Offers from Gmail with Automatic Imports

Google Pay, the mobile contactless payment app, now automatically adds certain items directly from Gmail, with a few simple taps…

For quite some time now, Google Pay has been able to store different things, such as loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, offers, and more. But, only through manual means could these be added. Now, there’s a new option to make it a lot easier.

New Google Pay Gmail Import Feature Automatically Adds Loyalty Cards, Tickets, and Offers

Google Pay can now automatically import items, like loyalty cards, tickets, and offers directly from Gmail.

However, Google hasn’t set it to default. So, users must toggle the feature on to take advantage of it.

The new Google Pay Gmail import tool is ready to use, just by accessing and turning it on in the settings.

To enable it, open the Google Pay app on a mobile device. Then, tap on the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the app). Tap on Settings > General. Next, toggle on “Gmail imports.”

Of course, Google Pay users can still manually add loyalty cards, tickets, passes, offers, rewards, and more.

Google Pay added eleven more banking institutions in the United States back in March.

Ashley Lipman

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