June 1, 2020
Google search word pronunciation

Google Wants to Help People Learn How to Properly Pronounce Words — Here’s How it Works

Google can now help people learn how to pronounce words, right inside its search tool, with more features to come in the future…

Ever wonder how to pronounce a word? Trying to find out how is actually quite a chore. Most of the time, the propitiation is tucked inside a video or worse, in some weird and cryptic symbols. Thankfully, Google is making it a lot easier. Better still, it’s built right into the search 

New Google Search Feature Helps People Learn Word Pronunciations

The new Google search word pronunciation tool resides right in the UI. Simply type “How do you pronounce” and fill in the blank. That’s it. Google will sound out the word and it even helps people by letting them practice.

Google also divides the words up into individual soundbites to make it that much easier. The company says it plans to add pictures and illustrations in the future for more context.

It’s live now, available in English and across all translations. Pronunciations are currently limited to American English, with Spanish to come in the not-too distant future.

Watch a video of the new Google search pronunciation tool in-action:

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