June 4, 2020
new Instagram Guides long-form posts debut

Instagram Unveils ‘Guides,’ Long-Form Posts on Wellness Tips

Instagram is about to offer a new type of content on its platform, called “Guides,” which are long-form posts that start with wellness tips…

Social media Facebook subsidiary Instagram is about to make a big change to its site. The company will soon allow publishers, nonprofits, as well as other organizations to create new long-form articles that include photos, videos, and original text. “Guides” will provide a place for audiences to find more in-depth content from influencers, publishers, and organizations.

New Instagram ‘Guides,’ Long-Form Posts, Debut

The new Instagram Guides will reside in their own sections in account profiles. And, similar to IGTV, these can also be posted to Stories and will first appear in a new “wellness” section of the social app’s Explore tab. The creations will be more like traditional articles but can also contain media.

Instagram says it is now focusing on wellness due to the conoravirus pandemic. But, it’s not difficult to imagine it will open up to more topics in the future. Right now however, the company isn’t disclosing whether or not it will eventually open Guides up to others. Instagram writes on its blog:

“We want Instagram to be a place where you can easily find reliable information and inspiration from your favorite accounts. That’s why we are introducing Guides, a way to more easily discover recommendations, tips and other content from your favorite creators, public figures, organizations and publishers on Instagram.”

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