It Appears the Owner of TikTok will Release a Music Streaming App this July

A forthcoming TikTok music streaming service will debut sometime in July, according to a news report by Bloomberg…

The owner of the popular TikTok app, ByteDance, just rolled out its own chat app. The company released Flipchat or Feiliao, which it bills as an “interest-based social app” for Android and iOS. Flipchat differs from other chat apps as it combines chat groups and forums.

Now, the company is readying itself to launch a new music streaming app in July, according to a news report by Bloomberg.

New TikTok Music Streaming Service to Reportedly Roll Out in July

The report reveals the service has already secured intellectual property rights from T-series and Times Music, two of India’s biggest music labels. Also, the company is in the midst of talks with worldwide record companies.

Since TikTok has a massive library of songs, it makes sense the company would move into streaming music. But, it must go up against stiff competition. These include big names like Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Spotify.

Although ByteDance has earned much success from its viral app, TikTok, it’s yet to prove it can do the same for another market. However, given its massive user base, it can attempt to parlay that audience into proprietary streaming consumers.

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