March 28, 2020
Firefox tracking reports and password tools

The Latest Version of Firefox comes with New Detailed Tracking Reports as well as Password Tools

Mozilla is out with its most recent iteration of its Firefox browser, which now contains detailed tracking reports and password tools…

This past June, Mozilla introduced Enhanced Tracking Protection. It automatically blocks more than one-thousand third-party trackers. Now, the company is out with its latest Firefox update and it contains more detail tracking reports and password tools.

Newest Firefox Update includes Detailed Tracking Reports along with Password Tools

The new Firefox tracking reports are accessible through the dashboard by clicking on the shield icon in the address bar. Look for “Privacy Protections” and go into it to see the four types of cookies Firefox targets and more information.

There’s also new Lockwise password manager features, which include a new password generator, along with a new audit tool.

All of these are good things and will help everyone, even non-Firefox users, in the future, as other browsers will probably adopt these kinds of tools.

Mozilla explains on its official blog:

“…with growing threats to your privacy, it’s clear that you need more visibility into how you’re being tracked online so you can better combat it. That’s why today we’re introducing a new feature that offers you a free report outlining the number of third-party and social media trackers blocked automatically by the Firefox browser with Enhanced Tracking Protection.”

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