July 7, 2020
Samsung smart TV Apple Music support

Apple Music is Now Available on Many Smart Samsung Televisions — No Apple TV Box Required

Several Samsung smart televisions now support Apple Music without the need for an Apple TV box, for streaming tunes with ease…

As streaming becomes more adopted by consumers over other mediums of entertainment, the need for extra peripherals might detour people. But, when there’s no requirement to buy ancillary equipment, it becomes very attractive.

Manufactures aren’t keen on selling fewer products but do recognize the benefit of consumer convenience. Now, Samsung is improving several of its smart televisions by supporting Apple Music without requiring an Apple TV box.

Samsung Smart TV Apple Music Support Debuts

Now, anyone who owns a 2018 or newer Samsung smart television can stream Apple Music and does not need a separate piece of hardware. The interface is quite familiar to prior Apple TV version users. It includes Beats 1 radio and music videos.

The service has already been around for some time now, including Android and Alexa-powered devices. But, it represents a shift for Apple and its way of doing things. Instead of focusing almost entirely on its hardware products, Apple is now incrementally shifting toward pushing its subscription and other premium services.

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