Set a Plan, Start a Poll, Send a Location in Facebook Messenger M AI Virtual Assistant

The Facebook Messenger M AI virtual assistant keeps adding new features, now prompting users to start a plan or poll, send their location, and more…

The Facebook mobile virtual assistant, known simply as “M” works inside Messenger. It appears during conversations, prompted by certain phrases to offer suggestions. It’s by far perfect, often buggy but it does hold some promise.

Plan, Poll, Locate, and More in Facebook Messenger M AI Virtual Assistant

When users converse in Messenger, different keywords trigger the AI assistant to appear. It first pops up inside the thread, displaying its logo with a “What’s This?” CTA or call-to-action. In this particular instance, it redirects to the following landing page:

Facebook Messenger M AI virtual assistant

“M is your automated assistant in Messenger that offers suggestions to you and your group during your conversations. The more you use it, the more M can help you.” That explanation is much like the Google App, which also states the more it’s used, the more helpful it becomes. 

As pictured above, there are three options, Send Location, Start Plan, and Start Poll. Directions for use follow below the separator, “Tap and hold a suggestion to see more options,” and, “Swipe right to hide suggestions.”

Unfortunately, none of the options worked when tapped, so it’s unclear what each looks like or how it actually performs these actions. However, it does work on occasion. In the following example, the “Start Plan” prompt appeared:

Facebook Messenger M virtual assistant planner screenshotTapping on the suggestion launched a scheduling page:

Facebook Messenger M virtual assistant planner set reminder

Selecting the predetermined date and time generates a reminder, with the option to “Name Event Reminder.”

Facebook Messenger M virtual assistant planner reminder

After setting a name for the event, the details page gives users the date, time, name, and address (if inserted by the user).

Facebook Messenger M virtual assistant planner reminder details

Although the M delivers an inconsistent experience, it’s clear Facebook is serious about improving the feature as it just acquired Ozlo, a Palo Alto-based artificial intelligence startup. Here’s explainer video, touting its many features:

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