March 28, 2020
Android adware apps

Delete these 17 Sketchy Android Apps from the Google Play Store to Avoid being Victimized by Adware

Uninstall these Android adware apps from the Google Play Store as soon as possible because they pose a minor but real security threat…

A cyber-security company has identified 17 apps in the Google Play Store — with a combined total of more than half a million downloads — to contain adware.

The apps in question use various tricks to conceal their true purpose, which is to inundate users with unwanted advertisements.

Seventeen Android Adware Apps Found on the Google Play Store

Bitdefender, a cyber-security firm, has found 17 different Android apps in the Google Play Store that contain adware, and have already alerted Google to their presence.

The tricksters behind these and other types of sketchy and dangerous apps have found ways to elude detection by Google Play protect and by the vetting process of the Play Store.

Many rely on spreading the malicious code across multiple files, making them very difficult to detect. Additionally, those behind the bad apps also make sure to deliver on their ostensible primary function, which makes them appear legitimate. (This explains why Google experiences an ongoing problem with malicious apps.)

By doing these two things — along with other elusive detection methods — the apps can pass muster and find their way on to the Google Play Store.

Bitdefender reports the following about the apps in question:

“While not malicious per se, the tactics (these apps used) to smuggle themselves into Google Play and dodge Google’s vetting system are traditionally associated with malware. Waiting 48 hours before hiding their presence on the device, splitting the app’s code into multiple resource files, and holding off displaying ads until 4 hours after app installation are among the tactics these developers use to plant their apps onto Google Play.”

Here are the apps the company recommends users uninstall from their mobile devices right away:

  • Car Racing 2019
  • 4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD)
  • Backgrounds 4K HD
  • QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Pro
  • File Manager Pro — Manager SD Card/Explorer
  • VMOWO City: Speed Racing 3D
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Screen Stream Mirroring
  • QR Code — Scan & Read a Barcode
  • Period Tracker — Cycle Ovulation Women’s
  • QR & Barcode Scan Reader
  • Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds HD
  • Transfer Data Smart
  • Explorer File Manager
  • Today Weather Radar
  • Big Fish Frenzy
  • Clock LED

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