Snap Inc Rolls Out Snapchat Snap Map

Snap Inc released a new feature today, Snapchat Snap Map, giving its users the ability to see what friends are doing with playful Actionmoji…

Snapchat just rolled out a new feature, Snap Map. The new option allows users to pinch to zoom to see what friends are doing all around the world. 

Snap Inc Rolls Out Snapchat Snap Map

Users have the option to stay off the grid with Ghost Mode or participate by sharing their locations. When friends share their locations, their Actionmoji appears on the Map. Actionmoji automatically update when users open the mobile Snapchat app. See a video of Snap Map in action below:

Recently, Snapchat released new bitmoji friend filters. In May, the company introduced Snapchat Custom Stories to up the ante against rivals Facebook and Instagram. Snapchat reached 166 million users in May but its growth slowed.

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