May 29, 2020
Snaptube click fraud

Snaptube Caught Engaging in Click Fraud and Fake Subscription Signups

Snaptube, a mobile app which serves as a third-party downloader has been found to commit click fraud and run a fake subscription signup schemes…

There’s a good reason consumers should always go to the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store to download apps. These sites screen and monitor apps for safety and security.

Sure, there are cases when malware slips by — but that’s precisely what makes them news stories. Another reason to go to reputable sources is due to the danger that comes with sideloading from relatively or completely unknown sources.

Snaptube Click Fraud Scheme and Fake Subscription Signups Discovered

Security platform Secure-D has discovered one popular third-party downloader app, Snaptube, engaged in click fraud. Moreover, the app also performed unauthorized and fictitious subscription signups.

Apparently, users have reported receiving unwanted, spam subscriptions on their mobile devices. After a review by Secure-D, the firm did find the program used a command and control server to retrieve advertisements, along with subscription services.

Snaptube launched back in 2014 and comes from Mobiusspace, a Chinese developer.

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