April 6, 2020
Spotify voice-enabled ads

Spotify is Testing Ads which Asks Listeners to Verbally Respond

Spotify voice-enabled ads are an interactive media experience, being tested in the United States with a limited group of people using the free version…

Music streaming service Spotify is launching a new test of voice-enabled advertisements. These will run only in the US on Android and iOS as an experiment to gauge how listeners interact with the format.

Spotify Voice-Enabled Ads Test Begins in the US on Android and iOS

The new Spotify voice-enabled ads will also only air on the free version of the app and will focus solely on its own content. One such as is an original podcast, “Stay Free: The Story of the Clash.” Another will promote a branded playlist.

When such ads run, these will encourage listeners to check out the promoted content through a verbal “Play Now” command. If the listener responds with anything else, the ad break will continue as usual.

Users are free to opt out. Simply go into the Settings menu and locate “Voice-Enabled Ads.” Change the “Manage Ad Settings” to turn off the feature.

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