July 7, 2020
Facebook Analytics app

Facebook Releases a Standalone Analytics App for Android

A new Facebook Analytics app for Android just hit Google Play, providing more insight into engagement levels and more useful data…

Facebook has released an app for Android users which helps to demystify audience behaviors. The Facebook Analytics app now resides on Google Play, which offers data about user demographics, app usage, engagement, and more. Moreover, it can send push notifications in the event of substantial user anomalies.

Standalone Android Facebook Analytics App Debuts on Google Play

The platform is known for its many tools. These include generating reports about customer retention, lifetime customer value, demographic information, as well as other insights. Speaking of the latter, it’s in beta testing currently, so the automated insights feature might not work for everyone.

This information is already available at https://www.facebook.com/PageName/insights/ on the web. But, this is the first time it’s accessible through a native mobile app. 

The move comes at a time when the social network faces public backlash over a wave of scandals. It’s attempting to repair it already dubious reputation and hold onto its immense revenue stream as an effective marketing tool. While Facebook remains the top of all social media platforms, it did suffer a significant loss of users in North America