Owner of TikTok Launches its Own Chat App, Complete with Community Integration

TikTok parent company, ByteDance, has taken a leap into the wild world of messaging, with its own app, called Flipchat or Feiliao…

ByteDance, the company who owns popular mobile app TikTok, has just forayed into the app messaging market. The firm has released Flipchat or Feiliao, which it bills as an “interest-based social app” for Android and iOS.

Flipchat differs from other chat apps as it combines chat groups and forums. So, it’s integrated a strong community focus. For instance, movie fans can freely discuss their favorite flick in a number of ways.

TikTok Parent Company Rolls Out a New Chat App with Emphasis on Communities

Right now, the new Flipchat mobile messaging platform is limited to China. But, it could open up to other markets in the future.

Because of its departure from incumbent messaging apps and with its focus on communities, it’s intended to take on different competitors. AsĀ TechCrunch notes, it’s more like the Reddit-styled Jike app than other messaging services.

It represents a whole other experience than other chat applications and given the sudden rise of TikTok, could pose a threat to more companies.

Ashley Lipman

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