July 6, 2020
TikTok reportedly prevented disabled users videos from appearing in feeds

TikTok Under Fire for Reportedly Preventing Disabled Users’ Videos from Appearing in Feeds

TikTok, the popular short-form video sharing app, reportedly prevented or limited original content from disabled users in people’s feeds…

Social video platform TikTok allegedly limited or outright prevented the reach of users with disabilities, including facial disfigurement and Down syndrome, according to Netzpolitik

TikTok Reportedly Limited or Prevented Disabled Users’ Videos from Appearing in Feeds

The website states it spoke with a source inside the Chinese-owned site, which told the publication the policy was intended to protect users who have a high risk of bullying. And, the problem was only compounded by human moderators who were under pressure to make quick decisions about users’ physical and mental traits.

TikTok heavily relies on its algorithms in order to promote content and to moderate content, as well. One particular risk category prevents videos from appearing outside the countries in which they were uploaded. Another, called “Auto R,” prevented videos from appearing in other users’ For You feed, once a certain view count was reached.

However, the tag might also be applied to individual videos, along with “special users.” Ostensibly, it could be applied too users with disabilities like the two listed above, but could also limit others who are “fat and self-confident.”

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