May 31, 2020
Twitter bug disclosed some users' location data

Twitter Says a Bug Inadvertently Showed Some Users’ Location Data, Disclosure Reveals

A bug within the Twitter iOS app caused some users’ location data to be shared with an unidentified partner, the company just disclosed…

Twitter has just disclosed it found a bug which shared some users’ location data with an unnamed partner. 

Twitter Bug Exposed Some Users’ Location Data to Unidentified Partner, Disclosure Reveals

The bug only affected the iOS mobile app for Twitter and those users have already been notified of the issue. 

According to Twitter, the bug impacted a small portion of its iOS users, even if those people had not opted into sharing their data.

Users who were affected had more than one Twitter account and had elected to share their precise locations in at least one account.

The company further states none of this included precise location data. Instead, anything shared was already “fuzzed,” or merely associated with a zip code or city.

The unidentified party to which the information was shared says it’s deleted the data and retained none of the records.

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