It’s Now Possible to Tweet Out 140 Emoji at One Time (but Not Recommended)

The Twitter emoji character count now treats all the animations the same, fixing a quirk in how the social microblog handled the uploads…

As many Twitter users know, tweeting out an emoji or two can quickly eat-up that 280 character count limit. In fact, just one single animation can take up to 14 characters away from the allowed limit.

Twitter Emoji Character Count Altered

That’s all changing, thanks to a tweak by the social microblog. Twitter has announced a change which will count all emoji as just two characters:

“Due to the differences in the way written text and emojis are encoded, many emojis (including emojis where you can apply gender and skin tone) have counted as more characters than other emojis, limiting the room for people to express themselves in other ways. There was also a difference in character counts amongst emojis, adding to the confusion.”

As The Verge explains, this confused users because they never really knew how many characters emoji took up when sending out a tweet:

“A quirk in the way Unicode handles emoji has meant that some of the symbols take up many more characters than others. For example, a flag can take up as many as 14 spaces in your Tweet […]

The fact that certain emoji take up more space in your Tweet wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, were it not for the fact that emoji designed to be more inclusive have in some cases ended up taking up more characters than the original yellow emoji. Emojipedia notes that while an emoji on its own can take two characters, adding a skin tone modifier can add two more, and adding a gender on top of that can increase it to nine characters in total.”

Regardless, the take-away is the fact that all emoji will count for only two characters.

Ashley Lipman

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