Twitter is Now Testing a Secure Messaging Feature

A Twitter encrypted messaging test is currently underway, according to a recent look into the native app’s code by a developer…

Twitter is in the midst of testing a secure messaging tool, according to developer Jane Manchun Wong. It’s likely an attempt to lure back users who have since moved on to Singal, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

Twitter Encrypted Messaging Test Spotted

Wong dug into the Twitter Android app code, discovering necessary pieces to put the large puzzle function together. The tool, which would probably incorporate into Twitter’s Direct Messages, is not-so subtly titled “Secret Conversations.” Users can view their and other participant’s encryption keys. Here’s the tweet Wong sent out about the Twitter encrypted messaging option:

At this time, not much else is known about the feature. But, it appears fairly self-explanatory. Like its rivals and tech peers, Twitter routinely runs tests. Though, not all experiments make their way to stable, wide release. For instance, Twitter is running an A/B test for the Android app navigation bar. The company is also in the process of injecting more news into users’ timelines

These are all necessary tests and tweaks at the microblog finally demonstrated it can actually post a profit. Though it still has a serious bot problem, it is making strides in a positive direction overall.

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