June 5, 2020
Twitter iOS auto-scrolling bug

Twitter is Releasing a Fix for the Auto-Scrolling Bug that’s Affecting iOS Apps

Twitter is pushing out a fix for a bug that’s causing an auto-scrolling issue on iOS devices, via the Apple App Store through version 8.1.5…

The current version of the Twitter app for iOS is causing an auto-scrolling bug. Basically, it’s making the feed behave in a jittery or jumpy manner on iPhones and iPads. 

Twitter iOS Auto-Scrolling Bug Fix Rolling Out

It’s not clear as to what’s at the root of the problem. But, Twitter is aware of the issue and has released a fix, which is available on version 8.1.5. So, anyone that’s running 8.1 might encounter the problem.

Download Twitter for iOS, version 8.1.5, from the Apple App Store here.

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