Twitter Users can Now Tap the ‘Sparkle Button’ to Escape the Dreaded Algorithmic Feed

Twitter Top Tweets are back, provided users take advantage of the new and conspicuous sparkle button, which hides the algorithmic feed…

Good news! Twitter has announced it is giving users the option to get rid of its algorithmic feed. Introduced nearly four years ago, the algorithmic timeline was added to compete with Facebook. (At the time, Facebook pulled dramatically ahead of Twitter in usage.)

Twitter Top Tweets Option Debuts to Hide its Really Unpopular Algorithmic Timeline

Now, Twitter is making the option available, in-part, because the social site has found its platform is most useful in real-time. Although many users complained about the switch, Twitter has conceded since and has provided the option to go back to its reverse-chronological feed, albeit temporarily.

The latest change brings a new sparkle button. When tapped, it rearranges the feed to surface the newest tweets first. What’s more, over time, the platform will learn user preferences. Meaning, it will at some point will default to that choice.

In the past, when switched over, it would revert back to the algorithmic timeline. Even worse, it would do so unpredictably. 

Not surprisingly, users included in the test group of the new feature engaged more often, says Vice President of Product, Keith Coleman.

The toggle tool is already available on the latest version of iOS and will come to Android and desktop in the coming weeks.

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