Voice Rising in Popularity for Search, Verbal Commands on Smartphones

Voice search for mobile queries and device commands are increasingly more popular in a wide variety of environments, including home, work, and in public…

A recent poll of 1,719 U.S. adults on “how they use voice, when they use voice, and why,” shows some very interesting trends.

Voice Search Increasing in Popularity in Various Environments

In almost every environment, people use voice more than they did in the past for search queries and commands. Whether it’s home alone, home with friends, at work alone, at restaurants with friends, at work with teammates, gyms, parties, in public and more, consumers increasingly rely on voice technology.

voice command chart
Credit: Stone Temple Consulting / Perficient Digital

As early as 2017, people often refrained from using voice commands. But now, that’s largely changed, across the board, among many environments.

What’s more, the majority of consumers are happy with their virtual assistants. A full 53 percent report the Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana, understood them “well.” Also, 54 percent said they “agreed” or “strongly agreed” with a statement purporting voice commands made using their smartphones easier.

Moreover, 78 percent reported being comfortable with accessing their chosen virtual assistants using hot words like “Okay Google,” or “Hey Siri.”

Bill Boyles

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