May 29, 2020
widespread internet outage

The Internet Suffered a Huge Outage Yesterday and the Initial Explanation didn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense

A widespread internet outage hit yesterday morning, temporarily interrupting access to some of the biggest sites, including Google, Amazon, and more…

Between 6 am to 7 am EST yesterday, Twitter lit up with people reporting being unable to access some of the web’s biggest properties.

Widespread Internet Outage Takes Down Google, Amazon, Reddit, and More

A widespread internet outage struck just as the week begun, affecting big names like Google, Amazon, Reddit, Spectrum, and more. DownDetector, a site which tracks such events, showed a steep rise in connectivity issues.

Around 8 am EST, service was mostly restored, although people continued to report accessibility issues.

Discord offered an explanation for the widespread internet outage, which is referred to as a “general internet outage.” Additionally, internet service company Cloudflare said it had “identified a possible route leak impacting some Cloudflare IP ranges.”

About 8:42 am EST, practically all service was reportedly restored. 

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