June 1, 2020
YouTube desktop homepage redesign

YouTube Refreshes its Desktop Homepage Interface and Adds some New Functions

Google has remade the YouTube homepage for desktop, which features some small changes and adds three new useful functions…

Google updated the YouTube desktop homepage, along with the same for iPads and Android tablets. The company explains its been busy experimenting with the updates for months, making dozens of improvements base on user feedback.

YouTube Desktop Homepage Redesign Rolls Out

The new YouTube desktop homepage redesign isn’t a radical one. Instead, the changes are much more subtle. Here’s a quick overview of what’s aesthetically different:

  • Longer video titles
  • Larger thumbnails
  • Higher resolution video previews
  • Channel icons now appear below each video
  • Some content shelves have been removed
  • More videos will be shown on larger screens

However, it’s not all cosmetic. There’s now an option to add to queue on desktop, just by hovering over a video. Google also brought over another popular tool from mobile to desktop — “Don’t recommend channel.” It’s available by clicking on the three vertical dot menu.

Also, Google took an Android app exclusive and cloned it — selecting favorite topics for home feed customization of related videos.

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