July 7, 2020
YouTube Might Pass Cobra Kai Over to Netflix or Hulu

Report: YouTube to Pass Cobra Kai Series Over to Another Streaming Service before its Third Season

YouTube is apparently preparing to move Cobra Kai over to another service to give it a chance to extend past a third season, according to a recent report…

In May of last year, YouTube executives confirmed their plans to make the platform’s premium original programming available to everyone on an ad-supported format. That, following the company’s earlier decision to cancel most of its original titles. Now, it appears the streaming service is giving up one of its most popular series.

YouTube Might Pass Cobra Kai Over to Netflix or Hulu

YouTube will pass Cobra Kai onto another streaming platform, according to a recent report by Deadline. The show, a follow-on to the popular Karate Kid movie franchise, may now end up on rival Netflix or Hulu. The Sony Pictures TV production already faced its end on YouTube, with it set to expire after season 3.

Now, the series might just get a more extensive run, particularly if it finds a new home. Although both Netflix and Hulu are front-runners for picking up the series, the new host company may or may not gain non-exclusive rights to the first two seasons. But, such a transition would nearly guarantee which ever service gets the series would have exclusive rights to the third season and beyond.

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