YouTube is Finally Getting Rid of its Annotations, those Annoying Pop-Ups which Ruin Videos

YouTube pop-up annotations or more simply, YouTube annotations, will stop appearing in videos as the platform removes support for the tool…

In March 2017, Google announced its impending retirement of YouTube pop-up annotations. For those unfamiliar with the terms, these are those rather annoying boxes which show-up over the top of videos during playback. Now, it’s fully removing support for the feature come January 15 of next year.

YouTube Pop-Up Annotations Support to End in January 2019

YouTube already pulled the plug on the annotations editor in May of last year. Soon, any existing annotations will go away. The company just published an update to a help page explaining: 

“We will stop showing existing annotations to viewers starting January 15, 2019. All existing annotations will be removed.”

The company replaced the option with YouTube Cards and End Screens, both of which are far more mobile-friendly. When the company initially shut down the annotations editor over a year ago, creators could only delete existing ones. Since that time, creators’ use of annotations has fallen by more than 70 percent.

Another salient point is the fact that mobile views are way up on the world’s most popular video hosting platform. Since annotations didn’t work with mobile devices, they weren’t effective. 

Owen E. Richason IV

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