March 28, 2020
YouTube third-party subscription support

YouTube just might Go Up Against Amazon and Apple by Offering Third-Party Subscription Streaming Services

News reports reveal that YouTube could offer consumers access to third-party streaming subscriptions, in order to open a new revenue stream…

The world’s most popular video hosting service not only has a library of free movies and television shows, it also boasts its own over-the-top internet television service.

All of this, not to mention the fact it heavily invested in its own originals. But, the company might just expand its offerings by integrating support for third-party streaming subscription services.

YouTube Third-Party Subscription Support Reportedly being Considered

According to The Information, YouTube is mulling over the idea of offering third-party streaming subscriptions. This would take a page from the playbooks of rivals Apple and Amazon, which already do the same. Basically, people could sign-up for networks like HBO, Showtime, Netflix, and others, without having to leave YouTube.

The plan makes sense, since Amazon Prime has 150 members and BMO Capital Markets projected that Amazon “would make $2.6 billion from its channels product in 2019, growing to $3.6 billion in 2020,” according to The Information.

YouTube could easily tap into this market, exposing its 2 billion monthly users who spend millions of hours watching content. However, while very impressive, these numbers don’t guarantee the plan will work out for YouTube.

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