June 6, 2020
YouTube Video Quality Downgraded to 480p Standard Definition for Everyone

YouTube Starts Suppressing its Video Playback Quality Down to 480p Standard Definition for All Users

YouTube is beginning to apply a new update that will quash video playback quality down to 480p for all its users around the world…

Streaming services and social media platforms have already announced or enacted new video quality controls in response to increased demand due to the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic that’s putting more and more pressure on broadband networks. Now, YouTube is expanding its initial action, as it starts to limit streaming to standard definition by default for everyone, according to Bloomberg.

YouTube Video Quality Downgraded to 480p Standard Definition for Everyone

YouTube already made the switch over in Europe late last week but now will apply it to every place it’s available around the globe. Once it takes effect, video playback quality will automatically default to 480p or Standard Definition. However, higher resolutions/definitions will still remain an option through manual selection.

The change will happen over the next few days; so, it won’t be immediate. That means many people will still see their content in High Definition or 720p quality for a little while. 

Google explains in a statement to Bloomberg the following:

“We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the globe to do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation.”

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