February 18, 2020
best movie showtime-finder mobile apps

3 Tips to Quickly Find the Best Movie Showtime-Finder Apps

Learn about how to find the best movie showtime-finder apps and what these offer to assist users in identifying which films make the best fit…

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Going to the movies is a family activity that has been around for decades, starting when the first movie theater was built in 1905. Since then movie theaters have skyrocketed in popularity, in large part to the great depression, where for 5 cents you could spend all day watching movies.

In modern times the cost of seeing a film has increased a bit, but they are still are a popular pastime. However, trying to find a movie time that fits into your family or group of friend’s busy schedule can be quite a challenge, even for the most experienced planner.

Thankfully, there are great apps available that can help you quickly find convenient showtimes at your local theaters, so you can enjoy a night out.  Keep reading below for three tips on how to quickly find and download the movie showtime apps that work best for your busy life.

Choose Your Theater Before you Search

If you live in a bigger city, then there are probably a lot of movie theater options around your house. In order to keep the time spent looking through showtimes to a minimum, choose a specific theater that you want to go to before trying to decide on a time.

Another great advantage of searching a particular theater is the coupons are discounts that are often available through their apps. Apps like AMC Stubs lets you see showtimes, as well as claim discounts for popcorn, movie tickets, and other things that you would have never seen if you were searching for movie tickets on other third party websites.

Search by Rating 

If there are younger kids in your movie watching group, then you are probably going to shy away from more harshly rated movies. So, in order to save yourself some hassle, find an app that lets you filter your search for movie times by rating.

Often the best movie times apps designed for finding kid center movies won’t just let you search by rating, but will provide the rationale for why the movie received the rating it did. By reading the description and explanation of the evaluation, you can make sure the movie is appropriate for your kids.

Another advantage of searching by genre is you can quickly see if a kid’s Movie has any appeal towards older audiences. Just because it’s a kid’s movie doesn’t mean there aren’t a few Easter egg jokes lobbed in there for older audiences.

Best Movie Showtimes Apps

While looking for some examples of good showtime finders, I can across this list of great apps. This list is a good place to start your search for apps that help you find the next blockbuster movie or an age-appropriate flick; either way, these apps will help you with your search for the perfect movie time.

Filter by Reviews

Going to a lousy movie in theaters is always a bummer. It’s one thing to watch a bad movie on Netflix in your pajamas on your couch, but to go to the movie theater, you have to wear actual clothes, spending real money, and interact with real strangers all for what? A bad comedy? By sorting through their reviews, you can minimize your chances of seeing a flop in theaters.

Apps like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB let you search through popular films by the ranking based on humor, storyline, and acting so you can make sure the movie you’re going to see is worth the extra work because after all, nothing beats movie theater popcorn.


Now that you have these three tips for finding the best movie showtimes apps go out and get downloading. By finding the right app, you’ll be seeing your new favorite Movie in theaters in no time, despite everyone’s busy schedule.

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