December 9, 2021
benefits of blogging for business

3 Key Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

Learn the three most powerful advantages of blogging for a business, including boosting SEO, exhibiting expert status, and smart social media marketing…

Brand awareness is everything when it comes to running a successful business. Consumers must know you’re out there and offer what they are looking for — be it product and/or services.

One of the easiest ways to create brand awareness is through blogging for your business. Just publishing a couple or few posts a week will greatly enhance your business’ image.

If you’re considering starting a business blog, go for it. Blogging and publishing content will grow your business in ways you could never have dreamed. A well written and clear, concise blog will increase search visibility, leads and sales – companies who blog receive 97 percent more links to their website. When the blog is hosted on your business website, your business will reap the benefits without spending a lot of money like you would procuring other marketing tools. — Small Business

When you post to your business blog on a regular basis, you’re telling new and existing customers alike that your business is in-the-know and up-to-date. Here’s why.

If you came across a website with a lack of information or outdated information, what would you think about it? Probably not much. Conversely, you’d form a good impression of a business’ website if it had good information.

3 Powerful Business Blog Benefits

Blogging is a powerful marketing tool, and best of all it is very simple to do. Here are three key benefits of blogging for your business:

  • Effectively boost your search engine optimization. Every time you post a new article to your blog, the search engines are alerted and come crawl the new content. This is the most fundamental element of SEO or search engine optimization. It establishes a site as active and therefore, search engines, like Google, promote it higher in their search results.
  • Established your self as an industry expert. People turn to the internet to find information — it’s the underlying principle of the web. When you blog regularly, your business is the one providing the answers they want and need. Blogging helps to establish you and your brand as a true industry expert.
  • Reach more people through social conversation. With social media being such an important component of our day-to-day lives, it’s critical to engage consumers through multiple channels. Each blog article you post contains valuable nuggets of information you can break up and share as individual updates. Simply pull key bits from your blog and post them to social media as stand-alone messages. This helps keep your brand active, as well as front-and-center of consumers.

Whether you’re interested in starting a blog for your business or already have one, there’s a quick and easy way to make it work for you. Simply put, blogging for your business is a very beneficial marketing tactic.

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