September 13, 2021
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4 Reasons it’s High Time to Embrace Localized Digital Marketing

Learn the basics and essentials of localized digital marketing and its importance for smart and effective branding performance…

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Digital marketing does not mean to have a website or a Facebook page. This kind of misconception limits the reach of the business.

Digital marketing, e-marketing, internet marketing, etc. – these are all different names of the same thing.

Digital marketing refers to the use of the internet, the latest technology, and digital media for “modern marketing”. It includes working towards the marketing objectives empowered by the modern day’s digital media and technology.

Digital marketing, to put in simple words, is the management of the online presence of a company. It goes beyond just a website or a simple Facebook page. It also uses tools such as email marketing, search engine marketing, etc. to cater to the potential and the existing customers.

Digital marketing itself is a very broad term that cannot be defined in a mere sentence. However, the following are some of its key points.

  • Digital Media (different communication channels)
  • Mobile Experience (mobile app, web design, etc.)
  • Customer Relationship Management using Marketing Automation (prospect and existing)
  • Digital Strategy (integrating different channels)
  • Technology and Platform (to manage the activities)

Digital Marketing: 5 D’s

Effective marketing can only be ensured when a business knows its target audience and their behaviors. It is important to understand and manage customer interactions.

Audience interactions go well beyond the email and website these days. To truly use and harness the power of digital marketing these are the 5 D’s that a business needs to master.

  1. Digital Devices: The way customers interact with the online presence of the business defines how they experience the brand. They do it through a network of different electronic devices such as smartphones, gaming devices, tablets, computers, TV, etc.
  2. Digital Platform: customers use these digital devices to use and interact on the major platforms. These days customers prefer mobile apps to use browsers. These platforms include Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
  3. Digital Media: several different channels come together to make up the digital media. This includes earned, owned and paid communication. Advertisements, emails, messaging, social media and search engines are some of the examples.
  4. Digital Data: when it comes to marketing, data is everything. There are several tools that now help collect the insight for the business through their customer’s profile and interactions. These insights are usually protected by the law.
  5. Digital Technology: technology is the key to success and survival. Digital technology helps the business improve the interactive experience customers have on the websites, mobile apps, and emails.

Global Reach: Advantage or a Pitfall?

The internet is merging the entire world together. That is perhaps the best thing that happened for the businesses, or the worst.

The greatest advantage of the internet is that your advertisements can reach anyone in the whole world. But it also comes with a catch that not everyone reads the exact same material the same way.

The goal of digital marketing is to increase the customer base and not driving potential customers away. But you can’t control the internet, so what can you do? Localization.

Localizing digital marketing content is a very intricate and comprehensive process. It goes way beyond just translating a language into another, it is a process of embracing an entire culture and becoming a part of it.

It may seem daunting, but once it pays off it can be very rewarding. Since your content is now reaching everyone around the globe, you might as well take advantage of that and control how your audience sees you.

If that is still not enough for you to localize, here is why it is high time that you start doing it this instant.

Embracing the Regional Spirit

Every region, every country has something unique to it. It has a certain personality, a kind of spirit that sets it apart from all the other countries.

Something that may fly in one country may strike as offensive in another. For instance, the slogan cooking is so Jersey may give a kick to the New Yorkers but it will not be as successful in San Francisco and will definitely be offensive in New Jersey.

In order to make your marketing effective, you need to tap into the regional zeitgeist of the target market.

Make the Customers Feel Special

Customers tend to trust brands that really understand and care about them. When you send out a generalized ad campaign, it doesn’t make them feel special.

In fact, it shows them that you couldn’t be bothered about them. We are well aware that any brand is dependent on loyalty and trust. And this is not the way to get it.

When you localize, you show that you have put in the effort for the customers. It shows them that you get them. It not only hooks their attention but also helps develop loyalty and trust.

Find the Market Fertile for You

Countries are all different, in their languages, in their behaviors, and in their flavors. Why are they the way they are? Who knows? A country may love a certain thing that the other country may severely dislike.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used worldwide, except in China. In China, they use other social media like WeChat.

Thus every country responds differently. When you localize you are opening a door for much potential. You never know where you will find a fertile bed for your product or service.

Increased Growth Capacity

The internet has already done half the work for you, your business is easily accessible all across the world.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your business will grow. Unless you speak to the customers in a language that they understand, and in the way that they prefer, you cannot guarantee success.

Final Word

The internet has presented you with an opportunity, and how do you take full advantage of that opportunity is by localizing your digital marketing efforts. There is a whole world of possibilities open for you if you understand the need and the benefits of embracing localized digital marketing.

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