September 15, 2022
5 effective business blog elements

5 Effective Business Blog Elements


5 effective business blog elementsEffective marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, it doesn’t have to cost a business much money, or, time. You’ve probably heard several times that you ought to be blogging. A list of reasons is often given, but, the most important is not necessarily to gain higher visibility in organic search, but, giving your current and potential customers precisely what they are looking for. The inescapable fact is that search engines only revisit sites with new content, no updates, no recrawl, no organic ranking, it’ that simple.

Consumers act in the same way, if they are seeking a specific service or produce, they of course, turn to the internet. The sites consumers trust most are the ones with the most information. Let’s take a typical search scenario, for instance, someone that has a legal question or wants to know about a particular aspect of real estate, they’ll find and ultimately trust, the sites which provide the answers they seek. After all, who will revisit a site that doesn’t have information and address common questions?

Basic Inbound Marketing for Small Business

It’s not enough to just write blog posts and publish new articles for a business blog to deliver results. It must have certain elements, and, speak directly to its audience. What some will say is that there are too many digital space competitors to stand out. Though there are hundreds of thousands on the web, only a portion are in your industry. Now, reduce that number again by including niche, specialty, and location. With the Pigeon algorithm fully functioning, that is a Google signal that promotes local businesses above chains in organic search, it’s even more important that your business blog be publishing fresh content at least once on a weekly basis.

With over a million blogs in existence, it can be tough to stand out. Fortunately for you, the majority of them are irrelevant to your target audience and prospective customers. In fact, there are typically only a handful of blogs that people interested in any particular niche visit regularly. —

When you do add a new article, it’s best to share it across social media, using the right ones that are most conducive to what services and products you offer. The good news is, you can share it more than once, plucking out facts, figures, and/or statistics as the lead title. If you add an image or two, that’s even better as research clearly shows that consumers prefer pictures to accompany text. While these are valuable and necessary parts for a business blog, they are not the only things you need.

5 Effective Business Blog Elements

A blog can be a very powerful marketing and branding tool, if used and promoted properly. To get the most out of a business blog, you need to have five elements that will not only impress visitors, but give them a reason to return time and again:

  1. Authority. You are the go-to person in regard to your industry. Those common, even not-so-common questions you answer are great material for subjects and content. When you provide the answers, write knowing you are the authority and be confident in your delivery.
  2. Niche. Carving out a niche is paramount. There’s simply no substitute for this strategy. You probably have a hobby or strong interest in something and you visit certain sites to get the newest information or trends about it. That’s what you need to provide through your business blog.
  3. Quality. Quantity isn’t what you ought to be focused on, though the more often you blog, the more traffic you’ll receive and the more conversions you’ll experience. Quality is of the utmost importance, because the better written, the more of an impact your posts will have on visitors.
  4. Images. In the world of inbound marketing, right behind written content, which is king, are images. Consumers like images because, as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words and provides a great complement to your writing.
  5. Social. Social media is now part of our everyday lives. When you contribute to social media, you are making an investment in your branding, while reaping the benefits of exposure, and, getting more site traffic, which leads to conversions.

A two-for bonus: personality and consistency. Your blog should have a distinct personality and have consistency in its updating activity. By infusing personality, you make the material approachable and with consistency comes more loyal visitors and their engagement.

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