September 23, 2022
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Use these 5 Simple Tricks to Promote Your Small Business on Social Media

Follow these five easy-to-use marketing tactics to get the most out of your small business social media promotion efforts…

Social media is one of the best ways to spread brand awareness, communicate with people, and create a trustworthy presence on the web.

5 Effective Small Business Social Media Promotion Tricks You can Use

Getting started in promoting your small business on social media can be somewhat confusing. But, it’s actually quite straightforward. Just use these five simple tricks to promote your small business on social media:

  • Post original content. Write blog articles to share publicly. Post them on social media on a regular basis, at least once a day. (You can repost past, evergreen entries, too.)
  • Grab attention with images. The saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s true. Social media is a visual medium. So, include images with your updates.
  • Answer the most common questions. You probably hear the same questions all the time. Use this to your advantage by answering them. This helps to establish you as an authority.
  • Include smart, strategic calls-to-action. Give people opportunities to take immediate action. Just a couple of well-placed calls-to-action can generate good leads and interactions.
  • Keep repeating the process consistently. To make social media really work for you, post regularly. Establish and follow a schedule to get the most out it.

That’s it — create blog posts regularly, include images, answer questions, and insert calls-to-action.

Here’s a bonus: repost key facts and figures. Just copy and paste important points to create stand-alone social media updates.

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