October 20, 2021
5 Must-Try Social Media Promotion Ideas in 2020

5 Must-Try Social Media Promotion Ideas in 2020

Learn five important social media marketing strategies for businesses that can help build and expand brand awareness this year…

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Social media may become one big platform for your promotion. There are, in fact, billions of people there. And, of course, there are thousands of your future customers among them. Right now, they are looking for your product. All you have to do is to make sure they’ll find out that you can solve their problems and get them rid of their pains.

Sounds easy, right? There is still one small problem. How to make sure they’ll get your message? Well, of course, there are plenty of techniques and tricks to create selling content, and you might know them all. So does everyone else. Literally, everyone uses the same by-the-book methods, so in the end, all such messages become indistinguishable.

The issue is that people generally tend to inertial thinking. “We’ll do as our competitors do” – perhaps, you have already heard these words in your office. Nevertheless, it’s 2020 out there, and some tricks just don’t work anymore. People are tired of some tricks, or the message has become ineffective, or it was repeated a million times.

To those who want to flourish, there should be no such things as “time-tested methods” in marketing. You either evolve or die. The best advertisements are new ones, not the one copying someone’s ideas.

That’s why we’ve decided to sort things up and to pick the most interesting tricks that might work well in 2020. After all, some promotional ideas just have to be tested, and it looks like it is about the time to pull them out of the sleeve. While they might seem not so innovative, it is just the right moment to use them.

Live broadcasts

We’ve got absolutely everything we need to go live. All the tools are there on the Internet, and most of them are free. Running a social media campaign without live videos these days is totally wrong. Recent surveys show that 80% of respondents prefer to watch a video rather than to read another post.

Moreover, 82% of those who agree to watch video admit they’d like to watch live videos. All that means that people are starting to take video more willingly than at least five years ago when users told they had no time for videos.

As you can see, it is about the time to launch your self-promotional campaigns using live streams. Talk to your customers in real-time, ask them questions, or give people answers they are looking for. Live communication will more likely establish a connection to your customers, making them take your brand more seriously.

How-to videos

If you are not ready yet for going live, take time to produce some useful video content. The perfect topic here is guides and manuals. “Do it yourself” and “How to” guides are leading on YouTube, and it is a perfect way to show your products’ benefits. Of course, you should take time and pick a topic that is relevant to your brand. For example, if you produce construction materials, you can teach people with a series of “A home renovation for dummies”.

“Do it yourself” is one of the most wanted search queries, yet marketing departments en masse somehow ignore that fact. What is more obvious is that it’s a perfect topic for videos. Finally, such videos require more than moderate expenses, which makes it easy to produce.

And what is even better in “How to” videos is that the majority of them are produced by random users. While companies, for some reason, avoid working in such a format. All these make it perfect to be used in 2020.


Whether you like it or not, memes have become an art. People communicate through them. Lots of things are easier to explain through memes. Good old words are not becoming obsolete, but, still, people tend to send some witty picture as an answer. And, what is odd, somehow, you understand each other perfectly well. There are communities that make friends using memes.

But wait, there is even more. Recently complex research about memes has been done, and scientists, using big data, have found out that their popularity grew exponentially, meaning that in several years we’ll face a huge burst of meme popularity. Yet, memes and GIFs are, mainly, ignored by marketing departments at all.

Memes, GIFs, and emojis are perfect for promoting absolutely everything. Yes, they are not the pieces of content you can use for backlinks, yet if you are looking forward to producing virus content or join the global trends, you just need them. And, please, do some research, since inappropriate memes will irritate people, and not attract them.

Run a contest

The easiest way to win users’ love is to buy it. Contests provide you with such an opportunity because everybody likes to win some free stuff and get discounts. In fact, all you have to do is to launch a contest, and people will do the rest, sharing images of your product in their hands, spreading the word, tagging people and attracting more and more attention to your brand.

The contest will help you to achieve several things at a time. You’ll increase your brand’s awareness, you’ll engage more people, and drive lots of new traffic to your social media account and your website. All you have to do is to offer people some presents. A win-win scenario, indeed.

Nevertheless, we have not heard of so many noteworthy contests with attractive prizes. If you want to make people act to your advantage, you have to do something to make it worth their time. A simple discount may not be enough. Contest means you have to sparkle a desire for a prize in people. Think about it.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is something marketers hugely underestimate. Meanwhile, the overall industry nears $10 billion, while 80% of specialists admit influencer marketing is very useful for business. It is also proven that people will more likely trust other people’s opinions about the brand, not to some corporate approved review, filled with selling messages.

Your social media campaign will grant you lots of customers and favorable reviews if you manage to attract an influencer to promote your brand carefully. Using an influencer will help you to improve both your brand’s awareness and make sure you’ve got a trustworthy social proof.

It is also a good idea to consider micro-influencers, those who have from 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers. Cooperation with a small community will increase your chances of reaching every member of it. Besides, it will guarantee a broadcast your message to the relevant audience or potential customers.

Final thoughts

The main thing to keep in mind for every marketer is that advertisement is the ever-changing field. Thus, you have to adjust your strategy constantly, dismissing the obsolete methods, even if you personally like them. Evolution is good for the marketing approach because it will provide you with the tools and ideas that have never been used before. Being new, fresh, and bold is always better than to follow someone’s steps mindlessly. Keep in mind that there are no forbidden tricks for those who want to succeed.

Got some other social media promotion ideas? Think we have missed something? Feel free to share your thoughts with everyone in the most convenient way. Good luck!

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