September 16, 2022
5 Reasons Search Engines Love Business Blogs

5 Reasons Search Engines Love Business Blogs


5 Reasons Search Engines Love Business BlogsBusinesses with blogs do better in organic search than companies with a static web site. The reason is search engines favor active blogs over stagnant web pages which are not updated. In fact, companies that actively blog command 126 percent more growth in leads than businesses which do not publish original content.

Blog Statistics Show Serious Marketing Power

Frequency in posting new content is one big advantage. Business blogs with 21 to 54 live articles receive, on average, 30 percent more traffic and have 97 percent more backlinks than their competitors which are not blogging. Surveys likewise show people love blogs and social media, not only for information about a product or service, but as a means of finding a product or service. As many as 67 percent of consumers state they have learned about a particular product or service through social media, then followed-up by reading a blog about it.

Keeping an active blog that focuses on your industry and your brand is another smart SEO strategy. Why? Search engines love blogs because they mean consistent updates to your website and content that matters to your customers. —Search Engine Land

The statistics clearly show business blogging packs a lot of punch. But exactly why do search engines place such emphasis on content and in particular, on blog articles?

5 Reasons Search Engines Love Business Blogs

There are over 200 signals used to rank a website in Google’s algorithms and among the top are the ones which do the best to match the best content with a search query. This means being aware of what’s best for optimization is paramount. Here’s five reasons why search engines love business blogs:

  1. Regular activity. Search engines only revisit a site when new content is published. Sites with only static web pages are left out of the refresh loop because there is absolutely no need to recrawl those same unchanged pages.
  2. More details. Search engines are software, fit into hardware, which makes them machines; and, machines need to be told what something is in order to interpret its content. Blogs allow search engines to gather more data. That helps to form a more comprehensive picture of a site, which in turn, increases authority.
  3. Established authority. Speaking of authority, the more a person is associated with a niche, the more credibility he or she gains within the search signals. What’s more, it isn’t just search engines which see those authors as experts, it’s people as well.
  4. Social interaction. It’s no secret that social media is part-and-parcel of everyday life. And with such a high level of engagement, social media users find and share new content all the time. That means more links and more activity, which search engines regard as positive.
  5. Easy to crawl. What’s great about most blogging platforms is they have an integrated structure which makes reaching and indexing new content a cinch.
    The lesson is very clear: business blogs do a lot to promote a website in organic search because they fulfill so many of the must-haves search engines demand.

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