January 17, 2022
5 Things Never to Do to Your Customers

5 Things Never to Do to Your Customers

5 Things Never to Do to Your Customers
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When it comes to blogging and using social media to brand a business, showcase products and services, there are five big no-nos business owners ought to studiously avoid.

Standing out from the competition isn’t easy in this environment. Information comes fast and furious and getting attention proves often times difficult. Creativity is a necessity as is putting out information that your customers will find useful.

People search for all kinds of things on a daily basis. Knowing there’s a plethora of other sources, some try using tricks that lure consumers. Doing so, however, can be very counterproductive, that is, if the tricks are among these five things.

Being Too Smart by Half

The internet certainly has revolutionized the world of business. From online commerce to customer service and everything in between. It’s also created an all-too tempting notion that in order to get results, there has to be some balancing on the proverbial edge.

Oh companies. Relationships are SO much easier than you make them. In fact, there are only a few things that you need to do in order to make your customers significantly happier. Or rather, there are a few things you must stop doing and saying that will change your customers’ experiences drastically.  —LinkedIn

It’s fine to be creative, even a bit irreverent, but when it comes to blogging for business and using social media effectively, it’s easy to undermine your efforts by trying to get customers in ways that aren’t very straightforward.

In other words, trying to fool people to get them to click over will only work against you.

5 Things Never to Do When Blogging

There’s a big difference between being clever and being deceptive. Sometimes, business owners are deceptive without even knowing it. Blogging to get more traffic and more conversions is a great marketing tool.

However, if you try to fool people into clicking over, you’ll find the only things you accomplish are raising your bounce rate and lowering your leads and conversions.

Here are five things you ought to avoid when blogging for business:

  1. Bait and switch titles. There are few things more aggravating than seeing one thing and getting another. Deliver on the title’s promise or pay the price; it’s that simple. If it’s a list of dos and/or don’ts, then make sure to spell them out. If it’s a how-to tutorial, then include actionable steps.
  2. Giving too little and expecting too much. Delivering on the title means actually giving your readers the information they expected when they clicked through to your site. If they don’t find what they expect, don’t expect them to click those share icons because it won’t happen. In addition, don’t expect them to ever trust your site again in the future when they’re looking for answers.
  3. Hoop jumping requirements. Pop-up ads that splash across and cover the entire screen, those little summary teasers that require user registration in order to read the whole article, and burying the post they came to read in a sea of related titles are negative experiences. Period.
  4. Deals galore and up and cross selling.  There’s a time and place for everything. Blogging means publishing interesting, useful information, not a grand stand for a sales pitch. If your articles are little more than a sales brochure, then don’t expect to get much from them in terms of lead generation and conversions.
  5. Writing for search engines first, people second. Inundating articles with related keywords, awkward key phrases, and run on sentences with several local city names will do little for SEO and even less for people. Write naturally, otherwise, you’re writing for the sake of it and won’t gain anything from the time spent putting it together.

The bottom line is do unto customers as you would expect other businesses to do for you. Your blog can be a truly powerful marketing and sales tool, if it gives people what they want. When you give through blogging, you get more business in return.

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