January 17, 2022
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8 Social Media Automation Tools You Need in 2019

Learn about the top eight social media automation tools businesses can use to reach more people and build their brand awareness…

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Social media has become an increasingly demanding medium. Businesses need to react quickly and be as flexible as humanly possible, in order to excel at managing their online presence. To do that properly, social media automation has become absolutely imperative.

8 Social Media Automation Tools You Need in 2019

In this post, I’ve compiled the best tools out there that can help you automate efficiently automate your social media activity. If you’re curious, we’ve also extensively written on marketing automation before.

There are a lot of things to take into account when choosing the right tool for your business. The great part is that each service has its own additional exclusive benefits. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


This is a powerful, relatively new SMM tool that is designed for companies that handle multiple large customers. If you’re looking for a service that can work on larger scales — you should seriously consider Sendible.

It has quite a few exciting features. First off, they have a dedicated mobile app, which is a very comfortable way of staying informed with the latest activity on your campaigns, even when you’re out of the office or away from your workstation.

Moreover, Sendible has done a great job at facilitating communication within teams, given that you can integrate their tool into Slack, which makes interaction smooth and more accessible.

The tool also improves a brand’s presence online by facilitating communication with its audience. Sendible will notify you when your brand has been mentioned on a social media platform so that the company’s representative can answer questions, give thanks for the support, or address issues.


This is among the more popular services on the social media automation market. It considerably facilitates the process of identifying topics for share-worthy content and will provide you with analytics to back it up.

When it comes to automation, BuzzSumo allows you to regularly pull up valuable information about the topics that are now highly relevant on the web, which ensures a healthy and highly efficient content strategy and overall social media presence.

While this service may seem to be slightly costly at first glance, it’s most definitely a high return investment, given that it provides you with a broad spectrum of essential data on the current informational landscape.

Furthermore, BuzzSumo ensures allows you to collect data from a wide variety of social media, ranging from Pinterest and Twitter to Facebook and Instagram.

However, it’s essential to stress that good content isn’t just about topics and headlines. If you’re a company that’s looking to develop a strong online presence by publishing, you need to collaborate with seasoned writers. There are now businesses like TrustMyPaper that help companies find niche writers, suitable for their content strategies.


Not only does SocialPilot allow you to control all of your social media sites in one app, but you can also transform it into a collaborative effort, by giving access to your team members, a functionality that is absolutely imperative for content agencies, large businesses, and corporations.

Furthermore, it is designed to handle large operations, considering that it can manage up to 200 accounts and schedule up to 500 posts in advance.

It’s a cross-platform service that has extensions for a wide range of browsers, compatible with all operational systems. It also has dedicated mobile extensions for both iOS and Android.

Sprout Social

Before we go into Sprout Social’s features, I’d like to stress how gorgeous their knowledge base is. They are a prime example of a company that has a fair amount of their reputation and authority on impeccable social media-related content, which has enough information to turn you into a social media strategist in no time.

When it comes to the service’s features, they are slightly broader than what you’d usually expect from a social media management/automation tool. Besides scheduling and managing the activity throughout your social media network, you can also store CRM data, which is an excellent instrument for boosting sales.

This broad functionality comes at a price. Their basic account clocks in at $99 a month per user and prices escalate quickly from there.

Sked Social

Sked Social is formerly Schedugram. While most scheduling and automation apps have an all-encompassing approach when it comes to the social media sites they work with, Sked Social has focused on a single platform — Instagram, and they do it pretty well.

Sked Social allows you to create a content queue, which will enable you to automatize posting pictures, captions, and even hashtags. Another great feature the service has to offer is a live preview of the post you’re about to make with all the visual and text content so that you can calibrate everything to your liking up to the smallest details. Plus, all this comes with a very easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

And to make everything even easier, Sked Social has a wide range of really cool templates and filters, so that you can customize your Instagram posts. Overall, a very cool tool.


Hootsuite is easily among the most popular services in the field. It allows users to automatize and plan social media campaigns up to the smallest details. The great part about Hootsuite is that it integrates all of your social media accounts and groups all their activity into a single dashboard, which allows you to have a more holistic approach to your online presence and a better understanding of the changes you need to make.

The cool part about Hootsuite is that it has a free plan, which you can use to get a better understanding of the service, without being pressured into a timeframe.

However, the free accounts are considerably more limited in functionality, compare to their Premium options. Yet, it’s fair to say that a free account will provide you with extensive functionality and allows you to automatize three social media accounts. Furthermore, you have access to basic, but very useful analytics.

Furthermore, the app invests a lot of time and effort into developing their knowledge base that would educate their users on the intricacies of automation, social media management, and marketing campaigns.


Buffer is one of the top choices for any business, individual, or agency for efficient post automation. This tool can handle a lot of profiles, and the number of posts you can pre-schedule is absolutely huge.

What’s also distinctive about Buffer is that it has a really nice, intuitive, and clean interface, which makes things very smooth even for people who aren’t really all that versed in the field.

Just like Hootsuite, Buffer has a free plan, which is slightly limited but can be an excellent tool for a single individual. By using the free account, you can schedule up to 10 posts ahead.

What’s also very important to mention is that they have a charming team. Their customer support team is amicable, cordial, and incredibly helpful.


CoSchedule is among the most popular automation tools on the social media management market, and there are plenty of reasons why. The tool provides regular and in-depth performance reports for all of your content. This tool’s analytics is a very sought-after feature.

Moreover, CoSchedule allows you to recycle and then repost the content your audience has most engaged with automatically. That comes along with the basic scheduling features that most social media tools provide.

Another feature that sets them apart from the most is the fact that the service can integrate with WordPress-based blogs, besides just social media platforms. This allows to synchronously post content to a business’s or individual’s blog and immediately distributing it throughout their social media networks.


Social media management tools are an indispensable tool for almost any business that cares about its online presence nowadays. While you may find that there are lots of options out there, it’s well worth investing a bit of time into finding the best one for your company in particular.

Let us know what works for you! What are the most important functionalities for your business and what are the problems you’re facing with your current social media automation tool?

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