August 8, 2022

AuthorRank and Your Website’s Performance

AuthorRankAuthorRank is the next big thing in search engine optimization. For those who’ve not yet encountered the term “AuthorRank“, it’s Google’s new way of helping its users find the best, most relevant content. This new algorithmic signal is a betterment of how the search giant ranks websites in its index when delivering organic search results.

Why it’s important is fairly self-evident. In order to compete with your competition, your site has to have authoritative content. The move comes on the heels of three big updates: Panda, Penguin and what was termed as the Exact Match Domain change. And the intended purpose is to coerce businesses to invest in their on-page copy or be left in the cyber dust.

Content Optimization Signals

As the nearby block quote explains, the way Google and Bing “see” a website’s relevancy and authority is by measuring how other site’s are connected or engaged with it. Essentially, if a website has a lot of other cyber properties linking to it and a high level of traffic, search engine signals conclude that site must be authoritative.

One of the primary issues with the inherent way that search engines currently operate is that they are heavily reliant on links. In theory this would show that the site is offering valued content that other people highly rate. The problem is that links can be manipulated via various linking schemes. —Forbes

But search engine optimization firms have been using these very signals to manipulate Google and Bing. Hence, the introduction of Panda, Penguin, EMD and now, AuthorRank.

Simply put, Big G knows that its algorithms can be conned and is taken definitive steps to stop those practices. It is pulling the collective rug out from under SEO teams by making null and void many of their tactics. What that leaves is the quality of copy.

How to Increase AuthorRank

With these changes taking effect, search engines are using new methodologies to interpret which sites are trustworthy and which are not. Part of this is the recent weighting-up of social sharing and the downgrade of link building. The new measurement, AuthorRank, is essential to how your site will be rated. Here’s what you can do to up your authority:

  • Get your authorship on straight-away. You need to register with Google Authorship in order to be included in the new ranking algorithm. 
  • Specialize in a field, carve out a niche. To get the most of out of your AuthorRank profile, turn-out content and share it vociferously–especially on Google Plus.
  • Promote you Google+ profile. Because it’s Google, you’re going to have to engage on Google+ and do it often. While it may be a coercive, it’s the really of the situation.
  • Create really great content (or get a ghostwriter).  At the center of AuthorRank is content. And not just words, but relevant, informative, share-worthy copy.

Start now and get in on the ground floor. The way search engines are changing is undoubtedly to find the best of the best and it all starts with what you produce.

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