August 3, 2022
content marketing mistakes

Avoid these Content Marketing Mistakes

Learn about the most common content marketing mistakes small businesses make and how to avoid them to gain more brand exposure, website traffic, and sales…

Content marketing mistakes are quite obvious and completely avoidable yet most small business owners commit them time and time again. Though it’s well-known high quality and informative content is a necessity, it’s what to do with it and how to use it correctly that routinely alludes most businesses. 

“If you build it, they will come,” is inspirational but it’s certainly not realistic. We know this is true because opening a brick-and-mortar or starting a services business does not cause consumers to beat a path to your door. The same concept applies to content marketing as well. Just because you share on social media doesn’t mean you are using the most effective Facebook marketing tactics.

Avoid these Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is the practice of creating and delivering relevant, holistic, and usable content to attract and acquire an engaged audience. Though the definition is straightforward, the process is easily misinterpreted or misapplied. Like many common small business SEO mistakes, it’s about learning what works and acting on a viable plan.

Content marketing can be extremely effective – except when it’s not. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 88 percent of B2B marketers say they use content marketing. Yet, only 30 percent say it’s effective. This means that 70 percent of marketers are regularly investing in content marketing with very little (if any) payoff. This is a big problem! Fortunately, there are some common reasons why your content marketing may not be as effective as you’d like. —

If you look at the quote above, you’ll see there’s something awry. The fact of the matter is, content marketing is not difficult but it is time-consuming and requires discipline to make it worthwhile. Otherwise, results are less than desirable and downright discouraging. There’s no question content marketing is a powerful tool but if it’s not practiced in the right way, it simply will fall short of expectations. Here are the most common content marketing mistakes to avoid:

  • Not blogging consistently. Consistency is a key factor in making content marketing effective. Businesses must consistently put their brands in front of audiences to become familiar and trusted sources of information. The most successful businesses consistently supply their audiences with engaging and useful content.
  • Putting too much focus on SEO. There’s no doubt search engine optimization is important because Google and Bing are software, not people. Metadata, original content, and other SEO factors are absolutely necessary for better organic ranking. But, Google and Bing aren’t buying from your business, consumers are, and you need focus on people to make your brand thrive.
  • Publishing on just one channel. It’s understandable you want to keep your content to your proprietary property, on your own blog to attract more website traffic. But this isn’t the only channel your existing and future customers visit. Publishing or syndicating content on more than one channel is a must because it provides your brand with a more diverse exposure.
  • Failing to regularly check analytics. Okay, analytics are boring and confusing from one platform to another. There’s no standardization and what one platform calls “A” another calls it “B”. What’s more, measurements are different. Gain a basic understanding of each and use this knowledge and information to your advantage.
  • Not supplementing long content. You publish robust blog articles because this practice is at the heart of content marketing and search engine optimization. Then, you share your content across social media to promote it. Between publishing posts you should share a variety of short posts citing quick facts and statistics. It’s an easy way to keep your brand in front of its audience and demonstrate your expertise.

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