September 29, 2022
Best Real Estate Blogging Strategies

Best Real Estate Blogging Strategies

Real estate blogging is unique in the fact that it deals with so many subject areas. Because of this, real estate agents and brokers have a significant advantage over other industries such retail or single service, single product vendors.

To generate leads, content must be diverse and informative, answering questions which are somewhat rare, addressing occasional situations, and of course, common queries. For instance, writing a post about what to expect from a home inspection is fine. However, it can go further, like publishing information about the ins and outs of a final walk through. Better still, answer off-beat questions, like what recourse does a buyer have if the seller postpones a closing or addressing mortgage options for distressed properties, like the 203(k) program.

In addition, writing a post about local events, the opening of a new business in the area, and providing data, like market reports is also great content.

Why a Blog Works in Lead Generation

Simply put, people need answers on a daily basis. Think about it from a personal standpoint for a moment. You’ve likely had a question and went to the internet, not to the local library, nor to the nearest college. It’s a quick and easy way to find information. That’s actually the entire purpose of the web–disseminating information.

Now, consider something else, when is the last time you gleaned any real measure of useful information from a television commercial, a magazine ad, or a radio spot?

…marketers now know that yesterday’s interrupt-driven marketing strategies no longer work. They’re replacing these tired brand-forward, chest-thumping platforms and playbooks with an approach to audience engagement that vaguely resembles the basic principles of journalism, film-making, political and issues advocacy. They’re learning to become content marketers. —Forbes

As the nearby quote makes clear, consumers just don’t react to such approaches as they did in the past because they can freely chose what content they’d like to engage.

Blogs aren’t thrust upon people like those loud, obnoxious commercials you hear on radio and see on television. People actually seek out particular pieces of information they want to know about. That’s a stark contrast to being manipulated by flashy graphics, manufactured images, and other age-old ad tricks.

The Top Real Estate Blogging Strategies

This being the case, it’s important to know how content marketing is done. Of course, it starts with an idea and a purpose. A blog article can then be written and sharing across social media ensues. Here’s some of the best approaches to making a blog work for your real estate business:

  • Write community descriptions and update them when necessary. Community descriptions ought to include nearby destinations and highlight the neighborhood’s best features.
  • Create categories and write blog posts dealing with each one. These should include advice about buying and selling, renting, property investment, insurance, and mortgages, just to name a few.
  • Blog about local events. Though evergreen content is the most preferred, local events can really appeal to someone searching for a property.
  • Publish articles about local businesses which have recently opened and serve the community. This strategy is a great one, and writing a review gives you the possibility of getting a link from another business.
  • Provide monthly reports about your target market. To showcase authority, publish monthly reports about your local market. Do this straight-up, without any editorializing or opinion.
  • Cross link to two or three previous articles on your site. When you publish a new blog post, be sure to link to previous posts in the same category.
  • Share your content on social media. Share images of staged homes you’re selling, pictures of buyers walking into their new home, and of course, share your blog articles as well on social media.

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