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Better Site Rank with Citations and Sources


citations and sources improve site rankLearn why citations and sources improve site rank and build trust.

Copywriting is the most critical portion of search engine optimization. It’s not only the driving force of on-page SEO, it is the source of authority and trust with readers. Search algorithms have come to better discern wording in copy. It’s why repeating keywords is no longer necessary.

And, there’s another change being noticed by professional SEO companies–Rand Fishkin has mentioned this fact in the past. It’s called “in-text citations”. There are pages ranking for certain search term which don’t necessarily contain those exact search terms. It’s because those sites are seen as authorities for those terms.

Citations and Sources Explained

Simply put, a citation is giving credit where it’s due. A website or blog which cites credible publications or entities looks more professional. Facts, figures, statistics and the like coming from a well-known source lends a lot more credibility to a piece of copy than just publishing those figures without citations.

Thoughtful outbound links can help your credibility [because it]: shows that you’ve done your research and have expertise in the subject manner, makes visitors want to come back for more analysis on future topics, and, builds relationships with other domain experts. —Google Webmaster Central

For instance, a blog article about home remodeling that includes dollar amounts for a return-on-investment which includes a citation to the Wall Street Journal gives readers the assurance those ROI figures are correct. The same holds true for an article about the benefits of acupuncture which includes facts published by the Mayo Clinic.

Building Trust with Readers Means Better Site Rank

The more readers come to trust a website, the more likely they are to share what they read with others. Links increase organically, and that leads to more authority with search engines. This is precisely what Google and Bing want website owners to do: create great content which people link to on their own blog or social media profile.

Of course, there’s a catch. You’ve got to be able to write content that’s interesting and is worded in way it instantly receives credibility with visitors. If you’re not a wordsmith, then hire one.

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