May 20, 2022
online marketing mistakes

Big Time Online Marketing Mistakes

online marketing mistakesLearn which big time marketing mistakes to avoid.

Small business owners cringe at the thought of having to market online, not just because of the technical aspects, but also because of the time it takes to create content and share it. Getting more website and social media visits is challenging enough and the prospect is made more difficult by the ubiquity of the competition. Businesses need to market smartly and having an online presence is nothing short of an absolute must.

The problem some small business owners face is not being sure about their strategies. You’ve heard countless times that your business needs to regularly publish fresh, informative content by blogging, and sharing on social media, but those things take time. What’s more, if you’ve tried online marketing before and it didn’t generate more traffic and/or more visitor conversions, it’s likely that something was amiss.

Avoid these Huge Online Marketing Mistakes

What makes marketing online so difficult is the sheer amount of channels: blogging, social media, and search engine marketing. The first can be done not only on your own proprietary site, but also on social sites, digital business publications, industry websites, and more. Social media marketing can also be done in many forms: blogging, video, infographics, updates, images, events, podcasts, webinars, and more. Then, there’s also search engine marketing: Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Focus on connecting with certain groups of people based on their stated interests and social activity. Identify influencers within your industry and communicate with them. Use social channels to listen and engage, rather than broadcast. —Entrepreneur

That’s certainly a lot to consider and where you ought to be focusing your attention is only discoverable by trial and error, which you simply don’t have time to do.

  • You’re not blogging as you should. If you have an onsite blog, regularly publish quality content at least once a week. Link to previous posts and include one outlink to an authority source. If you don’t have a blog, add one and use it as an inbound marketing tool.
  • Your website navigation isn’t intuitive and simple. A website should be easy for visitors to navigate and intuitive at that. If your site is confusing in the least, visitors will click away and probably not return. The most widely used platform is WordPress because theme designers build with visitors in mind. What’s more, the aesthetics and function are top notch.
  • You’re not building or reviewing your email list. You ought to build and maintain an email list to send out newsletters, announcements, and promotions. Use an email management system like Mail Chimp to measure reach and to give recipients an option to unsubscribe.
  • You’re not using social media advantageously. Share across social platforms on a daily basis at least a few times each day. Share blog posts, images, status updates, infographics, video, and sales promotions. Track interactions and network referrals to learn which social sites deliver the most and which don’t perform well.
  • Your social profiles differ from platform to platform. You ought to be using the same cover photo, the same banner photo, and the same profile photo on each social media site. In addition, the outlinks should be the same, as well as your “about” section. If possible, use the same account name on each channel. This will provide continuity while avoiding confusion.
  • You’re not offering incentives. Sales promotions can be a great way to drive traffic and increase conversion rates. Offer different incentives to appeal to more people and give consumers a wider variety of choices. 

Another thing you ought to be doing is networking, not only online, but also in person. Although an active online presence is a must, being in the marketplace and making connections is just as paramount. This will also help to motivate you to keep your blog up-to-date and to regularly share on social media.

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