August 5, 2022

Blog Commenting Etiquette

blog commenting etiquetteBlog commenting etiquette should be observed for better SEO and to adhere to the moderator’s rules. The effect of making blog comments is always up for discussion. Some SEO aggregators claim that even adhering to all blog commenting etiquette won’t significantly impact a site’s page rank or up its traffic. But other SEO aggregators disagree, pointing out that spammers using blog comments for a reason.

Regardless, each of the blog commenting etiquette rules when properly followed do help to drive up a site’s traffic. And it should be noted that there are dozens of factors which contribute to a site’s search engine optimization. It is important to remember that blog commenting is just one of many tools to increase a site’s traffic and read generation.

Blog Commenting Etiquette Explained

In order to get the most out of your off page SEO, following a checklist of blog commenting etiquette certainly helps. Over time, you’ll naturally incorporate these blog commenting etiquette and won’t have to rely on using a checklist.

Several things should be addressed when blog commenting. Every site owner will know a reader’s comments are about upping traffic to another site. So, keep blog commenting etiquette at the forefront. Sure, you want many back links to your site but if you don’t follow blog commenting etiquette, your comments won’t be approved and that defeats the whole purpose. In addition, try to find blogs that use dofollow links. Nofollow link sites can also be used but their impact will be less.

Blog Commenting Etiquette Checklist

The goal in using blog commenting is to get inbound links to your site. And following basic SEO principles, you’ll find that blog commenting can help to do just that. It’s not only about blog commenting etiquette, but incorporating common optimization sense in order to get the most out of using blog commenting.

Comment on Relevant Sites

Part of blog commenting etiquette is knowing where to target. Blog owners won’t approve comments that link to irrelevant sites–it doesn’t make sense.

Read and Quote

You need to actually read the post and understand it. Chose your favorite line and quote it in your comment. This blog commenting etiquette reassures the site owner you have learned something or are truly interested in the post. It also emphatically proves you’re not a spam bot.

Agree with the Points

Even if you disagree and you’re right, you’ll never win the argument. Blog owners will just send your comment to the spam or trash rather than publish it. Besides, it’s bad blog commenting etiquette to call out the owner on their own site.

Reply to Other Comments

Another differentiation between spam bots and humans is commenting on other readers’ comments. This is good blog commenting etiquette and tells the site owner as well as other commentators you are engaging the conversation.

Lastly, remember to make your comments about something. Just posting “good job” or “nice article” tells the site owner you are only there to promote your site. Make your comments about three to four sentences long. This shows the owner and other readers you are observing polite blog commenting etiquette.

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