August 10, 2022
Why Your Blog Comments are Disappearing

Why Your Blog Comments are Disappearing

You might be asking yourself, “Why are my blog comments falling of in number?” It used to be that having multiple comments on a blog post was a measure of its success. Small businesses and bloggers in general wanted conversation around their centerpiece. That’s been undergoing a change for the past couple of years and has now reached a new normal.

Blogs are seeing less and less comments being left, but this has little, or absolutely nothing to do, with the quality of the writing and the information being published.

Visitors reading blogs articles are commenting less, not because they don’t have anything to contribute, but because the evolution of the online experience has changed greatly.

Understanding the Value of Blog Comments

Comments on blogs demonstrate not only how popular a site is, but also offer SEO benefits. When a reader leaves a comment, it changes the content of page. This causes the sitemap to update, which in turn, pings all the major search engines. Those search engines realize there is new content to crawl, and return to include recent changes.

They say that ‘no man is an island.’ People are social in nature so they cannot live without communicating with others. This is why social media is so popular these days. People share opinions, feelings and even stories to inspire, warn, or entice others. The urge to communicate is what makes them feel that there are others who share the same passion and interest as they do. —Bloggers’ Ideas

Because a significant number of readers leave links in their comments, this creates more outbound links from the host; and, said links are part and parcel of search engine optimization.

In addition, other visitors can click those links to find more content which interests them. The target site would then be able to see their comments paying-off and would likely return to leave more comments to help increase traffic to their own site.

Why You’re Losing Blog Comments

If you’re blog is receiving less comments, you might feel something is awry. You might feel a bit of disappointment or even wonder what’s turning-off readers. Well, your site isn’t alone. There are four main reasons why blogs, in general, are seeing less and less comments:

  • Social media is the place for conversation. Readers are likely still sharing your articles, but their comments are being left on social sites rather than on your site. People are more interactive on social platforms, so they communicate where it’s most intuitive.
  • Digital sharecropping might not be so appealing. There are less people leaving thoughtful, high quality comments on blogs because they’d rather reap the SEO benefits of publishing such ideas on their own site.
  • Any barrier, like registration, is enough to make readers think twice. Fighting spam isn’t fun; and, it’s easier to just put up a filter rather than sift through dozens of non-nonsensical comments. Also, wanting to gather information about visitors is valuable. However, people just don’t care for the haggle.
  • Spam remains part of the equation. Speaking of spam, this factor is obvious. It’s quite disappointing to find you’ve left an engaging comment on a site only to receive an email informing you of a follow-up that’s nothing more than spam.

Comments are still popular, but their decline is evident, though this certainly doesn’t mean a phenomenon winding down to zero. It’s just the evolution of the web and how people choose to connect and interact.

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