August 5, 2022

Blog Research and Writing Musts

Make Articles Informative and Reap the Rewards

Blog research isn’t exactly an exciting proposition. But it’s a necessary task to produce content that is informative and spot-on. When site owners start to research blog posts, it’s usually cumbersome. Over time, however, it becomes more natural and intuitive.

And with that comes a more focused voice, honing in on what readers favor. That’s knowledge any site owner can use to his or her advantage.

It’s these measurements found through blog monitoring that are the most useful. Coupled with other metrics, like social media measurement, a picture emerges.

Blogging is and will continue to be, a very good online marketing tool. It establishes a business as a trustworthy expert. When combined with offline marketing, businesses see more traffic and more conversions. 

Blog Analysis Simplified

Google and Bing webmaster tools are great resources for blog analysis. And why it may be humdrum to look over these, you don’t have to do so on a daily basis. A couple of time a week is certainly enough. These tools will tell you if your blog research is paying off.

A blog should be the first and most utilized tool used by your company to attract interested readers. It is, quite simply, the easiest to set up and maintain. —The Globe and Mail

While analysis is part-and-parcel of the exercise, it’s blog research which is the most important. It’s critical to discover facts and figures to publish for blog research to be worthwhile. For instance, stating a post with a shocking statistic is a great way to hook readers right from the get-go. Certain elements will pique visitors’ curiosity and that helps in other metrics.

How to Do Blog Research

The good news about doing blog research is it can be learned within a short time. Moreover, you don’t need to invest in website marketing companies to outsource your blog research. Just following a few simple tips will help you produce copy that acts as a form of blog advertising:

  • Choose your title based on what people are searching for. The whole point of the Internet is to disseminate information. That’s why social media websites are so popular.
  • Creat content that includes similar phrasing. People don’t just search for one single thing. What one user types into a search box will probably differ from another. That’s why keyword research is important. Dancing shoes and ballet slippers are a good example.
  • Use your social presenceBlog research can also include using social signals. If you see traffic coming from a particular social media company, then that social network is obviously a great resource. Determine what click-thrus are happening and factor that into your blog research.
If you don’t have the time and/or the inspiration, then contact us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss your goals and develop a strategy for achieving them.

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