September 15, 2022
60 Percent of Consumers Make Buying Decisions Via Mobile

60 Percent of Consumers Make Buying Decisions Via Mobile

Up to 60 percent of all consumers make their purchase decisions via mobile device, according to a new study conducted by xAd and Telmetrics in the third annual Mobile Path-to-Purchase report. Industries in the research included telecom, restaurants, auto, and entertainment.

A speculative reason for this shift toward mobile is increased consumer satisfaction with smartphones, as 61 percent of smartphone users are satisfied with information retrieved via their device, up from 59 percent in 2013.

The biggest reasons for consumer dissatisfaction, according to the study, included too little information, lagging connections, and small screens. However, it is important to note that two of the three can be at-least partly controlled by the users.

Up-to-date data shows that smartphone site visits currently total 10.6 billion, compared to 5.8 billion via desktop. Device usage varies by search category and by time of day. Substantial spikes for restaurants happened after standard business hours, near dinner.

Over 40 percent of consumers stated that mobile ads as the biggest factor in retrieving information. This, in sharp contrast to print advertising, where just 5 percent of consumers cited it as the most important.

More than 40 percent of consumers cited mobile as the most important media source for information. Illustrating the slow death of print publishing, only 5 percent cited print media as the most important.

How Consumers Make Buying Decisions Via Mobile

For the categories studies, the majority of mobile users preferred to browse and search via their smartphone rather than desktop. Locations and phone numbers were most sought and 73 percent of consumers said that a local number, rather than a toll free number, is preferred.

Retail showed signs of improvement, as smartphones became a more vital shopping device, up to 29 percent this year, compared to 26 percent in 2013. Of the participants, one in four stated they use their mobile device through the entire shopping process, beginning with research, continuing on through comparisons, to purchase.

The most important features or information sought by the participants were a mix of such things as easily found contact information, discount coupons, as well as positive reviews. Ultimately, there were three factors which lead to conversion, which include price, brand, and locality.


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