August 8, 2022

90% of Social Media Interactions Lead to Recommendations

90% of Social Media Interactions Lead to RecommendationsNew York, New York–A new study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau has found some remarkable results. According to 4,500 consumers who responded in the survey, sentiment is nearly at parity with interaction on social media.

The IAB poll showed an astounding percentage of consumers would recommend a company’s products or services after interacting with said company on a social network. After two months worth of interaction, followed by 800 interviews, the IAB study concluded that a full 90 percent of consumers would give a brand a recommendation and 4 out of 5 consumers would be more inclined to purchase a brand after a visit through social platforms.

Social Media Fosters Positive Sentiment

Not only would 9 out of 10 recommend a brand after being exposed to it socially online, 83 percent of the survey’s respondents stated they would be willing to try out a brand.

“The IAB study shows that, when trying to create deeper emotional connections with consumers, social media is an essential channel for brands. This isn’t surprising since social media is the only channel where it’s possible for brands and consumers to have meaningful two-way conversations, making the strength of connections that much stronger,” IAB’s director of marketing & communications, Kristin Brewe, told Business Insider.

However, the findings might not be all that novel. For years, industry experts in marketing and social media have found a deep correlation between user interaction and purchasing behavior.

The Social Media ROI Factor

What’s more, business’ will delight in another finding within the IAB study which reveals that for every $1.49 spent on social outreach, consumers interacting with a brand will spend up to $4.96. Businesses now have more reason to leverage social, especially in the wake of major changes to lure brands. Such things include the new roll out of the Google Plus dashboard, access to free Twitter analytics and a fresh retargeting strategy, and Facebook updated its ad interface to be more user friendly.

Carolyn Moritz

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