September 16, 2022
best small business social media marketing practices

Best Small Business Social Media Marketing Practices


Here are the best small business social media marketing practices…

best small business social media marketing practicesIn 2005, the Pew Research Center conducted surveys and found that just 7 percent of all adults were using social media. In the latest figures available from Pew Research Center, that percentage grew to 65 in a decade, and, the fastest growing bracket were 65 years of age or older. However, 18 to 29 year old consumers are a very close second. 

There’s no denying social media plays a huge part in consumers’ lives, and, the power of this phenomenon is clearly demonstrated by small business social media marketing statistics.

Small Business Social Media Marketing Statistics

Facebook boasts a whopping 1.55 monthly active users; that’s nearly 1 in 5 people. LinkedIn follows with 396 million users, across some 200 countries. Twitter reports 320 active monthly users, but, Instagram surpasses that figure with 400 million actively monthly users. Pinterest has 100 million active monthly users, while Google Plus has 300 million active monthly users.

Social media can be tough to tackle for any business, but especially for smaller ones that can’t afford to hire a social media specialist. Simply broadcasting advertisements on Twitter and Facebook is not going to attract or engage followers. Truly taking advantage of social media requires time, effort, and an understanding of the platforms. —

The way in which consumers interact with social media has changed greatly over the past few years. Access to social media is dominated by mobile devices, comprising 51 percent, compared to 42 percent through desktops and laptops. Of course, Facebook marketing is necessary simply because it dominates all social sites, as the average American spends 40 minutes per day on this popular platform; that bests all other networks by 15 percent. Twitter also packs quite a punch, as this social site reports that 47 percent of all users who follow a brand also visit its website. Another convincing stat is 72 percent of all company followers are likely to make a purchase.

Best Small Business Social Media Marketing Practices

Small business social media marketing is imperative because 90 percent of consumers will research a company online.  A full 93 percent of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. There’s no question having a digital brand presence is necessary to be found and grow a business. This can be done by following the best small business social media marketing practices:

  1. Identify which social sites are worthwhile. While Facebook is the only indispensable network, the others might could well be worth the time and effort. For instance, law practices and other professional services should use LinkedIn, while product-based business will find Instagram and Pinterest more beneficial.
  2. Match and complete your company profiles. Regardless of which social platforms you use for your business, all should match. Disparity will do little more than cause confusion or apprehension. These include profile images, logo, tagline, company description, and so on. Each social profile should look like an extension of your company website.
  3. Publish new content regularly. Of course, for small business social media marketing to work at all, you’ll need to regularly publish new content. Blog articles are among the most common types of content, followed by tricks and tips, images, infographics and videos. Blog posts are the most powerful because these can contain many content marketing forms.
  4. Include at least one image or video. Each social share should contain at least one image or video. Name any images for the main keyword or key phrase and include a video transcript for better search engine optimizations.
  5. Reshare previous content. There’s no reason you can’t reshare previous content, particularly if it’s evergreen. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be sharing with a different audience, and, those who’ve seen it before, will recall your brand, which builds familiarity.

By following these practices, you’ll begin to build an expanding audience on social media. The most important aspect is to stick with it and keep your goals grounded in reality. Holistic and high quality content is imperative; the most successful companies routinely publish new content on their blog and share it on social media. Remember, it’s about being consistent and providing something of value for free.

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