August 3, 2022
Twitter Calls to Action

The Best Twitter Calls to Action


Twitter Calls to Action

Twitter has outstanding marketing potential for all types of businesses, primarily due to its appealing, concise method of sharing content. Some users prefer receiving updates from their favorite brands in 140 characters, as opposed to the more obtrusive news feed updates on Facebook. Twitter also offers more privacy than Facebook. These are just a few reasons why businesses are wise to consider Twitter as a potential source of leads. But even if your company is adept at tweeting, a high amount of Twitter followers won’t matter if there isn’t a call to action in your tweets.

Successful marketing requires a call to action, and it’s no exception on Twitter, which offers a rare type of user loyalty among brands. According to a study by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey, 75 percent of respondents said they have never unfollowed a brand on Twitter. By offering a call to action, a brand is also maintaining the interest of followers, whether they choose to act or not.

Here are some calls to action you can use to engage with your Twitter followers:

Hold a Contest to Encourage Favorites and Retweets

If you run a business, you’re either providing a service or product. As a result, you have the capability of offering discounts or freebies to customers. Promote this via fun and easy-to-enter contests, where users simply have to retweet or favorite one of your tweets to enter. Establishing the condition that entrants must follow your brand’s account will help you expand your audience.

For example, during the holiday season it’s even easier to host a contest or promotion. CJ Pony Parts, a Mustang parts dealer, has a 12 days of Christmas contest that offers a discounted price on a specific Mustang part for each day. The tweets are promoted through selected hastags like #mustang #12daysofchristmas.

A hashtag or two at the end will increase retweets and may introduce the brand to some new users. For users who already follow your business, a tweet like this will spark their interest, compelling them to show off their loyalty to your brand to all of their Twitter followers.

According to the same study by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, 60 percent of brand followers are more likely to tell a friend about a brand after following it on Twitter. This data shows how immensely beneficial contests driven by retweets can be for businesses.

Twitter Calls to Action: Ask for Follows via Promoted Tweets

Sometimes a congenial approach and interesting content is all you need to attract Twitter followers. This is especially the case for a new business. After several dozen informative tweets, consider asking users to follow you via a promoted tweet. Doing so should result in an increase of follows by an average of 258 percent. Although promoted tweets are not free, you can set your own budget, and the results may be well worth it in the long run.

Ask Questions to Followers

If you have Twitter followers, communicate with them. It doesn’t have to be direct communication to be effective. Ask questions that are both relevant to your business but universally comprehensible. For example, a company that sells scuba gear may ask the question “What’s the most beautiful beach you’ve ever been to?” Then, they can wait for the replies to fly in, since it’s an accessible and inviting question. Favoriting the best replies is also a great way to encourage follower interaction. Technical questions can also be asked, though do so sparingly as not to discourage some followers.

Overall, calls to action are very important if businesses want to get the most out of their Twitter marketing plan. Contests that require entrants to retweet or favorite a post is a highly recommended call to action, but asking for follows via a promoted tweet may be equally as effective. Once you gain a substantial following, engaging with your followers is vital. Only then will your followers recognize your brand for having a human connection, rather than merely as a PR machine.

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