June 23, 2022
Bing conversational search

Bing Conversational Search Goes Live

Bing conversational search
Credit: Bing

Redmond, Washington–Bing conversational search is now available. The new feature delivers more than just relevant results to user queries, it actually capitalizes on semantics and context. People generally search in a manner that expounds upon one question to the next. For instance, “who wrote Jaws?” might be followed by, “who wrote the theme song in Jaws?”

What this new search feature does is keep the context of previous like queries to roll-out a kind of conversation. “These improvements build on extensive work we have done to build out the Bing platform including investments in entity and conversational understanding. This is a long journey, and we expect to deliver a number of additional improvements in the days ahead,” wrote Yan Ke, Principal Development Lead, Bing Relevance Team in a blog post announcing the technology.

Bing recognizes searchers typically look for more and more information relating to the same subject. It is putting its knowledge repository to work to meet that very common occurrence.

About Bing Conversational Search

When a question is typed into the Bing search box, the answer is not only given in the results below, but also, relevant information expounding on the query. Using the above example of asking the name of the writer of the story “Jaws”, the search results not only return the name of novelist Peter Benchley, but also, information about the movie, which includes the name of the film’s director and the score composer.

This will provide searchers with contextual material which keeps the focus on queries in a chronological manner, building on each as new questions are asked.

The search engine recently introduced new marketing features and now, Twitter hashtags can be searched right through the Bing box.

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