July 3, 2022
Bing Search Gets an Overhaul

Bing Search Gets an Overhaul

New Bing search logo
Credit: Search Engine Watch

Redmond, WashingtonBing search has a new look, a new logo, and a few new things going on. Part of the Windows overall experience, called “One Microsoft”, the search portal has been refreshed to make it more intuitive for users, and give said users more choice.

The new look and feel will extend to all MSN properties on all devices, from desktop to tablet, to smartphone, users will experience consistency–something that is intended to attract more people. Being labeled as a “journey to a modern experience,” Bing hopes to capitalize on the digital remodel, overlapping features are being integrated into its various enterprises, such as Xbox, Windows phones, and Window operating systems.

Bing Search Goes Mainstream

Though reported changes are not yet live on MSN.com, or even the main Bing search page, they are being strategically placed into other properties. Bing Maps has already been situated inside Excel, and images are part of Word. It’s all part of an ongoing effort to get more out of search without having to search extensively.

For instance, search engines are built primarily around links collected in their indexes. Microsoft has been busy revolutionizing the mainstay with more complex connection. Type or speak a query for an auto repair shop nearby, and see a plethora of helpful information returned–complete with names, locations, contact information, and even available appointment times.

Thinking Outside the Search Box

In recent months, Microsoft has steadily been moving towards a different model. Something akin to Google’s knowledge graph, Bing is working on its “Page Zero” concept (shown below). Rather than just show links to sites containing information related to a query, users will see a wealth of information about said query.

The new design incorporates two columns, with lots of white space, is supposed to provide as much information as possible, across any platform, be it mobile or desktop. A model is available at http://www.bing.com/explore/newbing for users interested in experiencing the redesign.

Bing Page Zero
Credit: Bing

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