July 3, 2022
Bing and Twitter

Bing and Twitter More Intertwinded

Bing and TwitterRedmond, Washington–Bing and Twitter have taken their 2009 agreement a step further, intertwining more results from the microblog on the search engine results page. Users can now plug-in a hashtag with their keyword or phrase and view more results from the second-largest search engine in the United States.

In addition, entering theĀ ampersat or the “@” symbol at the beginning of a search query, will deliver a list of matching results. What’s more, searches for athletes, celebrities, and other public figures will deliver the top, most-interacted content associated with those accounts.

The Bing and Twitter Blend

Twitter content delivered in search results is quantified through various signals. These include qualifiers such as the value of the tweet, its number of counts, its timeliness, and the handle of the posting user account. In addition, verified accounts are included. Top results include News, official accounts, videos, and official websites.

Bing Twitter ampersat search

Twitter and Bing first entered an agreement five years ago and renewed their deal in early November of last year. Both companies are struggling to break free in their respective industries. The microblog has yet to turn a profit and the search engine only trades market share with another partner, Yahoo.

Bing just announced it would shutter its Ads Express platform, only a year after its debut. The newest look for the search engine premiered in mid-September of 2013 and Twitter is in the process of unveiling new ad offerings.


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